Welcome to the "Vadul lui Woodstock" festival site

Organizing committee of the "Vadul lui Woodstock" festival annouses that its fifth edition will take place at 21-22 may 2011. The festival is composed in a strictly " live "music format. It takes place on the bank of the Dniester River in the city of Vadul lui Voda in Republic of Moldova. 

This festival has been named mostly like its predecessor the famous "Woodstock" - meaning it is very the same - promoting peace and nonviolence, we believe in the current context of relations, or rather their lack, between moldavian and the transnistrian officials, could be a tangible alternative - a direct dialogue between ordinary people.

Under the motto "rebuilding Bridges" (Rebuilding bridges), we believe it is very present to dedicate the festival return to a dialogue between ordinary people, men of art from both sides of the Dniester, with the participation of artists from neighboring countries to build a spiritual bridge which would promote in all his history a pacifist policy, a charity.

Moreover! - This event has now become a very expected tradition by the musicians and spectators from both sides of the Dniester.

The main focus will be on using international language of music to demonstrate the simplicity and efficiency of meetings between people of culture, art, journalists, etc.., The possibility of initiating a dialogue from the "bottom", an unconditioned dialogue.

We believe that however the process will not reverse once started, and links emerged between us, representatives of art of the music and its fans, in the future will strengthen only!

At 27-28 may 2011 on Vadul lui Voda city's stadium will take place live music festival "Woodstock's Vadul" - the 5th edition. This event will be supported the Chisinau City Hall and Vadul lui Voda City Hall, the OSCE mission in Moldova and the U.S. Embassy in Moldova. Also, this event is supported extensively by a number of NGOs from the country which traditionally spend a lot of activities concerning to defense of human rights, environment, drug / antiAIDS , etc. ..

The event is widely publicized by the media in the country and is supported by a number of commercial sponsors. We hope that our team will be joined by another good people, are really related to the integrity and culture of this country.

The festival is not a commercial one. Organizers of the public tend to bring live music - music of every genre, quality music.

The festival does not try to evidence the involvement of professional musical skills, but a contest of messages to society - from past editions - a message of peaceful competition.